We believe that Margolies, Fink and Wichrowski is the firm best suited to serving your organization. In reviewing our qualifications, we would like you to consider the following:

Experience and Knowledge
You require an accounting firm that understands your needs, particularly in the areas of auditing, accounting and income taxes. The members of our firm have many years of national firm experience with various types of organizations.

Commitment to Excellence
Margolies, Fink and Wichrowski is committed to providing our clients with superior service. Understanding the needs of your organization and providing it with the finest professional and consulting services demonstrates our commitment to excellence. In order to insure the quality of the work performed, Margolies, Fink and Wichrowski not only submits to a formal peer review of the firm every three years, but also maintains strict procedures to be followed during each step of the engagement.

The Spirit of Working Together
You will require an accounting firm that can deliver total professional service on a timely, efficient basis. We believe client service means active involvement with the client. In the true spirit of working together, we want you to look at us as a valuable resource. As such, regular communication throughout the year helps us keep abreast of your operations and reduces the amount of time we spend during the engagement.

Quality and Continuity of Personnel Assigned
The single most important ingredient in a successful relationship between a public accounting firm and a client is the quality of the people assigned to perform the engagement. Since people represent our most valuable asset, we always try to assign the best partner to your engagement with emphasis on continuity of personnel from year to year. We are aware of your need for a team of dedicated professionals who know the basic fundamentals of quality service, that is, responsiveness, expertise, and a good understanding of your organization.

Margolies, Fink and Wichrowski recognizes that our role is not merely to attach an opinion to financial statements, but to serve as business advisors. We fulfill that role through constant observation while performing our accounting and financial services, by providing frank observations to management about areas where we believe controls can be enhanced or operations made more efficient or effective. We commit to prompt reporting of our observations to enable management the opportunity to evaluate them on a timely basis.